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When remodeling our bathrooms, we’re so caught up with buying the right tap fixtures and fussing over the color of the tiles and the wall that we often neglect some of the smaller but more important things.

True, the color scheme of the bathroom is crucial to each bathing experience, and each tap fixture needs to be selected with both practicality and design in mind, but all of this is a moot point if you find out you can’t stand to be in the bathroom longer than 5 minutes because of the stench.

That’s where we at BathroomVentilationFans.com come in.


About Us

Our job is to provide you with all the knowledge you need to select the right ventilation fan for your bathroom so you can always go to the loo without worrying about a nasty stench slowly squeezing the life out of you while you’re in there.

We strive towards providing you data on only the best models and ventilation systems on the market that will fit perfectly in your homes. The fans we promote are top quality products, with each system passing through rigorous quality assurance testing before being put on shelves for sale.


Why You Need A Bathroom Ventilation Fan

As we’ve mentioned before, a ventilation system is the only effective way to keep your bathroom odor-free, pumping out all the horrid smells that build up after a while. However, that’s not all a ventilation system is good for.

For an enclosed space like a bathroom, the air can get quite hot and moist after a while which could also make it difficult to sit on the toilet for a few minutes without sweating a bucket or two.

What’s more, this humid atmosphere encourages the growth of mold and algae, both of wreck devastation on your bathroom tiles and paint on the walls. The green infestation that begins to cover every corner of your floor, ceiling and walls are hideous to look at and can ruin your bathroom’s aesthetic completely, once you put a lot of effort and money into designing and creating.


The Different Kinds Available

There are quite a few kinds of bathroom ventilation fans available on the market, with even quite a few famous companies like Panasonic releasing products to target this niche.

However, the primary differences between any two respective models just lie in their shape and capabilities. Their differences in shapes mean that two ventilation fans may not necessarily be able to fit in the same bathroom since one may be too large to fit in the outlet left for it.

Ventilation fans also differ on the aspect of power and how much air they're able to ventilate per minute, with the more powerful ones being meant for larger bathroom spaces.



All in all, getting a bathroom ventilation fan is an important task when remodeling your bathroom and should be accounted for when you’re designing your new bathroom to ensure you hollow out the best possible place for it. With any of our recommended products, you can be sure to always have a well-ventilated bathroom to relieve yourself in.